Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Speed painting portrait Britney Spears

Speed painting portrait Britney Spears is drawn in technique of dry brush. People often ask me, what I use to draw a portrait in a dry brush technique. Many people think that I draw my portraits with charcoal or graphite, but it is not so. I draw only oil. Today it is Speed painting color portrait well-known singer Britney Spears. In portrait used only a few oil paints. I have been tasked to draw Britney Spears is very beautiful, great attention was paid to the make-up singer, brilliantly reflecting its beauty. If you liked Speed painting Britney Spears, if possible, please Comment and Rate this job. �xоѬ�Ѭе� с �о�огѬа�ии Ѭисђе� �&ђдожник ��гоѬ�R �aазаѬин
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