Wednesday, July 28, 2010

One Day at Art Class

This video had to come down once because the school's vice principal made me take it down, and the art teacher was paranoid that someone would call one of the students in the video and kidnap them. Here is the disclaimer, I asked people before I started taping if they didn't want to be filmed tell me now, and no one told me. If they were too pigheaded not to tell me, that is their problem isn't it? At this point the school cannot do anything about this video now. It was last year, and no where in the ridiculous student handbook does it say that we cannot put videos of a school's class on YouTube to be specific, and this video was shot inside a classroom, so it is marked 'Education' and if the school has anything to say about me trying to have others learn off of this video, they obviously don't care about kids getting an education, they just care about the Franklins that go into their wallets. So here is the video,rate, comment, but enjoy, because this video stays...PERIOD!
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