Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Part II: Nelson Anderson's Teen Art Class is Taking to the Streets!

Savage Art Studios' TEEN ART EXPLORATION AS PART OF 2010 SAVAGE ARTS FOR ALL - SPONSORED BY A GRANT FROM THE SAVAGE ARTS COUNCIL & THE METROPOLITAIN REGIONAL ARTS COUNCIL This is part two of the same day we studied how values can help us create form with Nelson Anderon. Now our student artists venture outside to use the sidewalk as the canvas! Working from still life sketches they did in class ealier in the day, students recreate their basic drawing in bright chalk. They modify the sketches to fit the medium and canvas. Nelson Anderson takes a creative approach to reaching kids and making art come to life for them. For more infomation about our art classes and Nelson, visit our web site at www.savageartstudios.com or email us at info@savageartstudios.com
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