Monday, July 12, 2010

PART I: Nelson Anderson Uses Values to Create Form in Youth Art Class

Savage Art Studios' TEEN ART EXPLORATION IS PART OF 2010 SAVAGE ARTS FOR ALL - SPONSORED BY A GRANT FROM THE SAVAGE ARTS COUNCIL & THE METROPOLITAIN REGIONAL ARTS COUNCIL. Instructor and professional artist, Nelson Anderson, shows his class of young artists how to determine values and use values to create form. Using a value scale from 1 to 7 students draw several ovjects, but this video shows the results for a simple ball or sphere. Once the class has mastered the simple form, they drawing of a still live (not shown) then in Part II the class ventures outside to recreate their still life as sidewalk art. Nelson Anderson is a classically trained professional artist, who really takes these classic lessons and brings them to life for his charges. To learn more about classes at Savage Art Studios & Gallery visit our web site and join our email newsletter list on our home page at: or email us at
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