Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Video Narrative for Art Class

When I started making this video, the only thing I kept constant was for this video to make me feel happy in spite of whatever sadness loomed in its visuals by listening to the music. When the clips started to come together, I realized that I applied that kind of mentality to my own life. The videos that I pulled from have made me confront my drive, direction, choices, opportunities to take chances, or lack thereof. Whether it's healthy or destructive to just want to feel good at the end of the day regardless of what has happened, I am still trying to figure it all out. As portentous, or as cheesy as people make love out to be, all the romantic scenes address how I deal (and sometimes don't) deal with the all people I love; I wish I knew when to get up and walk away, let people that I know that I love them, and do it the right way, and let them love me back. The video really begins when the girl from A Moment to Remember is nostalgic and says that scent reminded her of the "old days." I think video has that affect on people, too. It makes people remember things. Our recollection is not something we can change, but how we feel about that recollection is.
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