Friday, April 16, 2010


A Taste of Australia A Portrait of YouTube's TheHill88 done with Vegemite and a butter knife on 9 pieces of toast. Original painting time 1hr 30mins. Speed Plays in under 4 mins. Music provided by Krill Song: Lady Vegemite So what is Vegemite? According the the packaging it is "Concentrated Yeast Extract". I did a little research and originally came from the left overs from brewing beer. Supposedly it is quite good for you and is full of Vitamin B. The taste is hard to describe salty, tangy, and bitter. It is definitely an acquired taste. It was difficult for me to find it in the US, and I had to order it off the internet. There was some controversy in the media awhile back about it being banned in the United States. I guess it was like everything else in the media, overblown sensationalism with little truth and a lot of spin.
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