Thursday, April 8, 2010

Speed Painting Photo Realism

I did this as an excercise for the purpose of, quite simply, practice. It's been a while since I attempted anything photo-real... It's very good to do this kind of thing because it strengthens your freehand drawing abilities, as well as developing an eye for detail. Freehand drawn in photoshop cs2 (from a reference photo off to the side) with a wacom tablet. time-lapsed... real time was about 3 and a half hours. UPDATE: For the people that think this is fake-- simply do a little research. It's as easy as clicking on my username to see the list of all of my other videos. There you will find an array of different subjects and different mediums... Including photo real techniques with real paint. It it's a pretty reasonable conclusion that if I can do the things I do with real paint-- why would I feel the need or insecurity to fake it with the "less impressive" digital mediums? Why waste my time? You could also consider the efforts it would take to fake such a thing- consider the layering of the shadows and gradients... Look at how carefully it is done in these vids. There is a visible build-up of LAYERS of tones shadows and colors. To fake something like that would take so much effort, why would a guy who can do all of the other OBVIOUS traditional medium paintings on the same channel waste his time? TO MANY PEOPLE ASK: Why "photorealism"? Why not just use a camera? The answer is simple. I've made the point many times in my replies, comments and descriptions. But I'll make ...
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  1. That is a very cool video. In my opinion, it is real (not fake) digital painting. Photoshop is great with a wacom tablet especially for the customizable brushes. It is a nice little speed tutorial on technique. It even goes to show the many levels that a single piece may have so this is a great eduactional piece as well as entertaining. I typically (not always have) paint traditionally with oil on canvas in modern abstract styles mostly. I do on occaission draw and paint on a tablet, from life or a picture. It is nice to conserve and to not have to manage paper, filing, storage etc. It is good to keep the eye working with the hand as an excercise regardless of style. Painting from life or photo does this extremely well. I appreciate painting even more when I get back to a canvas and I always learn something new with each drawing or painting. It has always been this way. Why paint? Why not take a picture? A picture can never add the life that a painting can. That's it! Many non-artists will never get it (maybe) that's probably why camera's were invented. Thank You for your post. Madison

  2. Although my field is English, and I'm artistic in no shape or form, still I thought it was fake. I'm sorry to admit, but paying closer attention to the detail and reading the blog, made me examine it closer. And more interested in your work. Are there people who excell at programs such as this and don't do as well with freehand? Or do people usually do well at both?