Thursday, April 15, 2010

BTP- Tyranid Organisms revisited

"Alien Swords" are $5 each. They are generic right/left, they work on either side. I have miscasts up for $2.50 each (they still work, just need a little more fill work and TLC). We also have tails for $5 each (these also work for the giant cannons with some re-work) and "Alien Seed Pods" for $40 each. All unpainted, unassembled. And "Giant Alien Talons" for $5 each Tyrannofex: Alpha* Beta (discontinued) Gamma* Omega* Tervigon: Alpha Beta Gamma Delta Swarmlord: Alpha Ninja* Ultra** Harpy: Alpha Gamma in each case is the one closest to the book version. Cost for unpainted is as follows: $135 $195 if marked with * $395 if marked with ** We also have the following, also unpainted for $95: Parasite of Mortrex Tyranid Prime Doom of Malan'tai In each case these are converted from mostly GW plastics. All can be painted for $35/$85/$105/$145 depending on size.
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